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The Team

Our team strives to enhance our performance through improved processes, innovative ideas, technologies and tools.


Buddhi S. S.
Executive Director (Singapore)
M.Eng. (Structural Eng.)
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Chanamon S.
Executive Director (Thailand)
M.Eng. (Structural Eng.)
King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

Dr. Umesh P.
Director (South Asia)
Post Doc (St. Eng.) U. of Illinois, UC, USA
PhD (St. Eng.) U. of Tokyo, Japan,
MEng. (St. Eng.) AIT, Thailand
BEng (St. Eng.) Pulchowk, Nepal
Professional Eng. (PE) in California

Khun Sompot N.
Head of Construction Managment
M Eng (Structure) Lamar Uni. Texas, USA

E-MBA SASIN-Chula affiliated to Kellogs and Wharton School, USA
Thai Professional Civil Engineer (สย. 3199)

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Dr. Yingrudee B.
Public Relation Manager
PhD (Knowledge Management), Chiangmai University, Thailand

Panukorn T.
Head of Structural Design
M.Eng. (Civil Eng.)
Imperial College, United Kingdom 

Alan P.
Head of Software Development
B.Sc. (Computer Science)
University of Bath, United Kingdom