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Our Values

  • Our design processes are fully-BIM based to the extent that we closed down our drafting department since as early as 2008. Use of cutting edge AEC tools and technologies is one of our key long-term vision and commitment.
  • To supplement the above, we do develop our own in-house several technologies for design-automation, reporting and cost-optimization. These package enable us to create full structural design and cost reports (EIA, Permit, BoQ, Schedules, etc.) withing 1-2 hrs after creation of the geometric model of the buildings.
  • Irrespective of our role like designer/value-engineer/peer-reviewer our services are always cost-conscious and aim for fast-track solutions.
  • Beyond conventional services provided by a design firm, recognizing the need for specialized areas we also provide advance services under WEGA package which stands for Wind, Earthquake, GeoTech and Advanced Analysis.
  • We share our knowledge, skills and experience with professional through various modes and channels such as training, seminars, speaking in events, publications, web-portals, etc.
  • We encourage our designer to handle almost all aspects of a project under appropriate supervision and guidance from senior designers so that the client can receive best service from the person who is true in-charge of the project – not just playing a role of a messenger.