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Who are we?

CivilPark International is a global professional engineering firm with an interdisciplinary approach. We do provide technical services and offer solutions to clients in South and Southeast Asia.

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This new visionary building with captivating design is the tallest building in Bangkok’s dynamic skyline.

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What makes us unique

We are the only firm in Bangkok providing one-stop services encompassing wind and earthquake, geotechnical and advanced structural analysis.

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Latest publication and event

We have published a variety of publication such as research articles, magazines and media materials in the field of engineering, technology and development.

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CivilPark International (CPI) is a global professional engineering firm with an interdisciplinary approach. We provide technical services and offer solutions to clients in South and Southeast Asia.

We  provide full package design+supervision to highly specialized services, both for national and international projects. New project design, third-party review, value engineering, R&D based product development, wind and earthquake specific services, project management, site supervision are all part of our services.

We provide specialized services in earthquake resistant design like urban seismic risk assessment, vulnerability analysis, rehabilitation/retrofit, site specific analysis (PSHA), performance evaluation of structures.

We also provide the best combination of latest cutting edge technologies available in the market supplemented by our inhouse developed software, enables us to provide fast, cost-effective and reliable solution.








Buddhi S. S.
Executive Director (Singapore)
M.Eng. (Structural Eng.)
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Chanamon S.
Executive Director (Thailand)
M.Eng. (Structural Eng.)
King Mongkut’s University of Technology
Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand

Khun Sompot N.
Head of Construction Managment
M Eng (Structure) Lamar Uni. Texas, USA
E-MBA SASIN-Chula affiliated to Kellogs and Wharton School, USA
Thai Professional Civil Engineer (สย. 3199)

Dr. Yingrudee B.
Public Relation Manager
PhD (Knowledge Management), Chiangmai University, Thailand

Panukorn T.
Head of Structural Design
M.Eng. (Civil Eng.)
Imperial College, United Kingdom

Alan P.
Head of Software Development
B.Sc. (Computer Science)
University of Bath, United Kingdom

Pimpisa T.
Assistant to Directors
MBBS, University of Sheffeild
United Kingdom

Patty T.
Administrator Assistant
MBBS, Newcastle University
United Kingdom


“In general, an increase in span from 90m to 130m is expected to increase the design moments and other results by about 2 times and hence the corresponding increase in construction cost and complexity. However, CPI’s Value-Engineering based redesign of 130m span, twin-deck balanced cantilever bridge within the original budget and construction time is a huge relief for all agencies involved in addition to a extraordinary proof of true value engineering, cost optimization and innovative method of construction”.
Bangkok Metropolitan Authority
(@ Motoway crossing bridge, near Suvarnbhumi airport Thailand)
“Even for a long-established high-rise real estate developers, it is something new to know that CPI’s recently introduced service - WEGA (Wind, Earthquake, GeoTech and Advanced Analysis) – is so crucial for successful structual design of tall buildings”.
(@ Mahanakorn Tower, Thailand)
PACE Development
“Unless done, it was difficult to believe a 5 story flat can be built in one month. CPI’s R&D based design is a great contribution not only to NHA but to the whole society and country. The confidence gained through construction of over 1,000 such buildings has long-lasting impact in Thai Construction Industry.”
National Housing Authority
(@First Precast Flat in Thailand)